Advancing Education

15 years of civil war has left Liberian children with very little EDUCATIONAL opportunities.

·      Liberia is known to have one of the lowest standard of education in Africa

·      Many school age girls sell their bodies in exchange for education

·      Many of Liberia’s school age kids cannot go to school because either they are without parents or their parents cannot afford to pay their average yearly tuition of less than $300 US dollars

Enoch Gbor - Executive Director

Enoch Gbor - Executive Director

Program mission:

To touch the lives of the Liberian people with God’s love through spiritual, health and educational healing from wounds created over 15 years of Civil War. 


Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Yenner Wuanti - Chairperson Becky Konzelmann - Secretary Dane Tilman – Board Member Shawn Sims – Board Member Dahn Tappeh – Board Member Chris Powell – Board Member Scott Wenger - Treasurer

liberia director and team

Mark Newa 

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Spiritual Programming

Post-war Liberia is in desperate need of a SPIRITUAL witness from the Christian church.


Health Initiatives

The Civil war has left a generation of Liberian people with inadequate water and HEALTH resources.

·       Liberia has an extremely poor and in some cases, non-existent health care system 

·       Diseases that are often treated elsewhere become an outbreak/epidemic in Liberia.

·       Lack of safe drinking water is a major cause of sickness and disease.