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By sponsoring a student you’ll be entering into a life-changing relationship that provides academic, spiritual and social empowerment in a safe, faith-based environment!  

Monthly Student Sponsorship | Classroom Gifts | How Sponsorship Works

Mango Tree, Zambia / $32 Monthly Student Sponsorship


Coatesville, Pennsylvania / $32 Monthly Student Sponsorship

For stateside student sponsorship you ‘re matched one-on-one with a student, however we honor the student and their family’s anonymity. You will receive personal updates [without a name] and classroom pictures.

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Classroom Gifts

Suggested Donation Amounts

Healthy Snacks $50

Educational Supplies $75

Music and Art Supplies $100

Summer Camp Tuition Support $150

Mango Tree, Zambia

Coatesville Kids to College, Pennsylvania

How Sponsorship Works


What you receive

  • A life-changing connection with a student

  • A card with your sponsored students picture and short biography [for international students]

  • Periodic updates on how your sponsorship is empowering your sponsored student

  • An opportunity to write letters of encouragement to your sponsored student or their class


What your sponsored student receives

  • An opportunity to attend an HBB program or partnering school

  • Nourishing food and snacks

  • Mentoring in a safe, faith-based environment


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I the only sponsor matched with a student?

As a student sponsor you are matched with one specific student. No one else is matched with your sponsored student. We provide a picture and biography of international sponsored students. For stateside sponsorship, we honor the student and their family’s anonymity and you receive personal updates [without a name] and classroom pictures.  

Does my money go directly to my sponsored student?

Sponsored students do not receive direct cash benefits. To ensure your monthly donation has the greatest impact, your donation goes directly to the program or partnering school your sponsored student attends.  

How long is my commitment?

You sponsorship is an ongoing commitment that ensures your sponsored student has access to academic, social and spiritual empowerment through their high-school education, and provides additional resources to your student if they pursue post-secondary education. Your ongoing sponsorship allows you to witness the progress firsthand, as long as you are able.

More Questions?

Contact us today at sponsorships@hopebeyondborders.org or 610-384-2575


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