What we Do



HBB’s Program Incubator combines HBB’s Executive Coaching, Leadership Academy Workshop for leadership teams, and our back end services to best equip our programs for sustainable impact in our target zones.

Executive Coaching


Each program director is assigned a executive coach who meets with the Director once a month to help guide her or him through the challenging process of incubating and stabilizing a sustainable program.


Leadership academy workshops


Our workshops guide our program leadership teams through the critical aspects of incubating and stabilizing the program.

*HBB workshops are also offered to community organizations not part of HBB.

We offer:

  • Creating your Vision Story

    • Values and Mission

    • Creating a Strategic Plan (Logic Model)

    • Cross-Cultural Competency

    • Fundraising

    • Grant Writing

    • Financial Forecasting and Budgeting

    • Assessment, Gap Analysis and Planning Priorities


Back Office Services


HBB provides a full suite of back office services for our programs including:

  • Gift processing

  • Bill paying

  • Bookkeeping/accounting

  • Computer IT

  • Human resource management

  • Insurance

  • Legal services

  • Organizational development

  • Payroll Services

  • Customized Strategic planning tools